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IELTS Registration

Global ED provides incomparable coaching in IELTS, TOEFL & SPOKEN ENGLISH. Our well-known faculty guarantees you attain the best scores possible. We follow a unique mentoring method for all level of students by assigning a personal mentor for their success.

Our classes comprise of small batch sizes, certifying tailored care. Personal sessions are conducted for academically poor students to solve their personal doubts and questions. Our well-planned curriculum, flexible and personalized coaching approach, extra classes and numerous mock tests throughout the course help students to attain their targeted band score. Our innovative and new age teaching methodology has allowed us to attain an exceptional track record in the area of required Tests. Study Groups commence every week and methods are result oriented. We also have a well-stocked online library that consist of Varity of study resources.

A quick review of our Preparation strategies
  • Experienced and Professional Teachers & Trainers
  • Personalized Preparation Based on Adaptive Learning
  • Special Test Taking Strategies
  • Comprehensive, Economical & Rigorous
  • Flexible Schedules and Fast Track Batches Available
  • Strong Focus on Concepts
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Visa Facilitation

Applying for a visa is not an easy task. Getting your visa to study abroad takes time but can be a surprisingly simple procedure with the assistance of Global ED counselors. We help you with the entire Visa process that includes filling up applications, compiling financial statements and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more. While the application process for an international student visa can be confusing, 99% of our students are able to get a visa. Certain countries have a paper-based visa application system while some have an online system. We help you navigate this process. Our counselors also assist in drafting the study plan required by some consulates.

We are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules. The visa guidance is free for all Global ED students for all the countries. We shall help to assist what documents required to file a visa like

  • Visa Application forms
  • Valid passport & other Identity documents
  • Notarized or verified educational documents
  • Financial documents, Bank statement etc
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Sponsorship Declaration
  • Personal Statement (SOP)
  • Police Character Certificate
  • Photograph requirements
  • Health Assessment assistance
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Admission Procedure

Quality education from top & highly ranked institutions Regardless of your chosen career path, academic background or country of origin, Global ED will help you in finding a course that is right for you. Global ED is one of the leading representators of Universities in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, France, Germany, Dubai, Switzerland, Malaysia and many more.

Global ED provide step by step guidance for the complete error free university application process, timely correspondence to maximize the chances of getting admission in the institution of your choice. The process seems short & simple but slowly you realize that there are several questions and formalities that need to be fulfilled like.

  • Identify Course, Country and University
  • Application fee waiver & priority Admission
  • IELTS, TOFEL or Internal English Placement test
  • Educational and other documentation requirements
  • Skype or Online Interview preparation
  • Scholarships & other Financial bursaries
  • Financial capacity, maintenance knowledge
  • Assisting to write Visa winning Personal Statement
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Universities fees can vary a lot, and funding isn’t always straightforward. Hare are few questions that a candidate must keep in mind while applying for higher study. Global ED shall help you to find the right and real time answers to assist you in a better way.

Note: Scholarships are normally limited in number and have specific target groups. They are also normally highly competitive and most, though not all, are aimed at postgraduate level students. For undergraduate studies, scholarships (which include bursaries and partial fee waivers) are rarer. However, a number are offered by universities or colleges. In most cases you will have to gain an offer of a place on a course at an institution before you are eligible to apply for any scholarship. Additionally, you will be expected to have investigated whether you are, firstly, eligible for such scholarship.

  • How much are tuition fees for international students?
  • What other expenses should I take into account?
  • How do I pay my tuition fees?
  • What sources of funding are available for international students?
  • How to manage my money during my course of study?
  • Am I eligible for any Scholarship or discounts?
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Pre & Post Departure

While traveling abroad it is important to be prepared. It is essential to book well in advance and identify the most cost-effective route. Global ED understand the hesitation of students who need to travel abroad alone. To help parents and the students, we not only assist students with admissions for further studies but also make sure that they are aware of all the steps from the moment they have received their offer letter right up to their accommodation.

We assist with flight bookings well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and best discounts too. We help you select the right airline for excess baggage schemes. Several International Airlines offer special schemes for students & our counselors can guide you with this information like.

  • What to Take with You?
  • What happens when you land in the new host city, now what?
  • How to open a Bank Account into a new country?
  • How to Adjust into the new culture?
  • How and where to start my study?
  • How to find work while studying?
  • How to deal with homesickness?
  • How to network with current and future students at your study destination?
  • Where to find accommodation?
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Career Counseling

Career counseling, also known as career guidance. it is designed to help with choosing, changing, or leaving a career at any stage in life. Choosing a career is an important but difficult task. It’s not easy to decide what type of job will be the best fit. So, career counseling helps people assess their skills, needs, and desires to pursue a successful and prosperous career. In our career counseling session, our professional career counselor will help you to explore skills and strengths, consider education levels and give you advice about continuing education, and determine interests according to your personality.

  • Identification of needs of prospective students
  • Academic Pathway Planning & Subject selection as per demands of any industry
  • The educational commitment required of various careers
  • The potential earnings of various careers.
  • The opportunities for change or advancement in a particular career
  • The daily working environment
  • Global ED Counselor will assist you to
  • understand and overcome social or behavioral problems through individual and group counseling
  • set realistic academic and career goals and develop a plan to achieve them
  • Evaluate Student’ background, education, and training, to help them develop realistic goals
  • Help clients learn job search skills, such as interviewing and networking
  • Select and apply for educational programs, to obtain the necessary degrees, credentials, and skills
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