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Get your Case Processed Through Global Ed Consultants and Get Full Refund of

  • IELTS Coaching Fee
  • IELTS/PTE/ELLT/ESOL etc. Test or Examination Fee
  • ZERO-Consultancy Fee

Terms and conditions for IELTS coaching fee refunds:

  1. Refunds will only be applicable if the student has enrolled and paid the fee to Global ED Consultants or any of its coaching Provider partner institutes.
  2. Students who have taken coaching classes at any other non-partner or Third-party institute will not be eligible to claim the coaching fee refund.
  3. Applicant must submit the receipt of payment or Payment Proof of coaching fee at the time of Refund application.

Terms and conditions for English Test fee refunds:

  1. All eligible tests (Eligible to Apply for visa for UK, AUS & Canada) will be accepted.
  2. if an applicant has more than one eligible test, only one can be claimed for a refund.
  3. No other costs, such as tax or rescheduling fees, associated with the exam, will be refunded under any circumstances.
  4. The applicant may be asked to provide the login and password details of the English test to check its validity and genuineness.

Terms and conditions for Consultancy fee refunds:

  1. Unlimited consultancy services shall be provided until the visa Grant and Enrollment to the Chosen university.
  2. A nominal Refundable Consultancy fee shall be charged at the initial stage of the application to keep the process smooth.
  3. A nominal consultancy fee will be charged to avoid non-serious applicants and not to overload the system.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is only for fresh applicants starting their process from March 2024 and is valid till 30th DEC 2024.
  2. only serious applications will be considered for this offer.
  3. This offer is only valid for study visa holders and Work permit or Immigration applications are not eligible.
  4. Please note that none of the aforementioned fees can be refunded if an applicant decides to withdraw their application at any stage. Or stopped the case processing with Global ED consultants.
  5. Refunds may only be claimed if the applicant’s visa application is successful and they have been successfully enrolled in their chosen institution.
  6. They have completed their programme successfully with the chosen institution.
  7. Applicants must provide proof of enrollment and degree completion from their chosen institute when requesting refunds.
  8. Refund can be requested after 4 weeks of providing enrollment and course completion confirmation.
  9. Refund requests will be processed within four to eight weeks of receipt.
  10. All refund amounts will be transferred to the applicant, parent, or legal guardian through a bank account or cheque deposit only.
  11. If any bogus or non-genuine documents are found at any stage, applicants will not be eligible for any refund requests.
  12. “The offer is valid throughout Pakistan.
  13. Global ED shall arrange 3-5 offer letters including the applicant’s choice of institution to secure maximum chances of admission.
  14. Global ED reserves the right to refuse any applicant without providing a reason or notice to avail of this offer.
  15. Global ED reserves the right to cancel or end this promotion at any time without prior notice.”